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Published Nov 11, 21
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Click on a writing sample and visit the client’s website to make sure you’d be interested in writing for them. If everything looks good, add them to your list of potential targets. Do this over and over again for every freelance writer you find in your search. When you’re done, you should have a big list of ideal clients to target.

Of course, they could pay a professional writer or do these tasks themselves. But most would prefer to have someone do it for free. That’s where you come in. By offering free assistance to a successful freelancer in your niche, you can save them time and help them make more money in exchange for steady work and writing experience.

Instead, they can pass this work off to you and split the earnings (again, more money in their pocket). They can also help you by critiquing your work, giving you tips on how to succeed in the industry, and endorsing you to editors. Once they trust you and you’ve proven yourself as a writer, they may also let you do some assignments for them.

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I needed clients to gain experience and get better. I got my clients with his endorsement and supervision.” — Dan Lok So how do you start such an arrangement? It’s not easy, and there’s no direct path. But your best bet is to buy one of their courses or products.

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You can also try: Getting an introduction from someone who knows them; Connecting with them on social and building a relationship; Creating a piece of content (perhaps copy for a landing page?) they could use and giving it to them for free. 9. Reverse-Engineer Writing Samples From Job Ads Ultimately, most clients don’t care about your experience or credentials.

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Your job is to convince them YOU are that freelance writer. And the best way to convince them you can do the assignment is… to do the assignment. Most job ads ask for relevant writing samples. When applying to these ads, most freelancers provide similar writing samples. In other words, they provide articles they wrote for another client that sort of match what the ad is looking for, but not really.

And if you repeat this process, you’ll quickly build a portfolio of writing samples that are super-relevant to your ideal clients. 10. Pitch Every Service You’ve Used in the Last Year If you’re a beginner freelance writer, one of the best places to find writing gigs is with the companies/products you already use.

Once you’ve identified your targets and how you can help them, send an email to someone on their marketing team offering your services. Your pitch should mention you’ve used their product/service and love it, as well as the fact you’re a member of their target market and will be able to effectively influence their audience.

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Make a list of products you’ve used that fall into your freelance writing niche. For example, if you want to become a Saa, S writer, make a list of software you use or have used in the past. Visit the websites of these companies to determine if they’re good prospects.

Check to see if they have submission guidelines, which will give you information on the type of content they’re looking for and let you know if they hire freelance writers and/or accept guest posts. Then write a tutorial (that includes a thorough product description) on how to use their product to achieve a desired result.

Contact someone in the company via email or Linked, In. Tell them you’re about to publish the article on Medium (or some other blog) and were wondering if: They want to publish it on their blog instead; They’d be willing to share and/or link to the article once you’ve published it (become a freelance writer).

Not only did Jay use the updated sales copy and pay Dan for his spec work, but the new copy tripled Jay’s conversions! Maybe you’re not a copywriting expert like Dan. But if you find a website with weak or unremarkable sales copy, you could try researching the subject and giving it a shot.

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And it works best when done for free. Trying to sell them your work can come off as opportunistic, arrogant, and reduce the chances they’ll bite. But if you help them for free and they like your work, they may decide to pay you (like Jay did) and/or keep you in mind for future assignments (become a freelance writer).

In the “Credentials & Highlights” section, list all of the credentials and experiences that reinforce your position as an authority in your niche. In the “Knows About” section, be sure to include topics related to your writing niche as well as your role as a freelance writer (SEO, content marketing, blogging, and so on).

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