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What jobs can you do as a writer? Traditional writing jobs include working as a journalist, magazine writer or editor. Some better options today include freelance writing, working as a digital copywriter or in content marketing. Employers are looking for writers with skillsets in all of these areas as the internet thrives in content.

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Whether you’re a seasoned freelance writer or a new writer with no experience, freelance writing jobs that pay are still plentiful in 2021 — if: You know where to look… You know how to promote yourself… And you know how to differentiate yourself from your fellow writers. That’s where we come in.

Let’s dive in. Chapter One: 6 Steps to Help You Prepare (& Land More Freelance Writing Gigs) The philosopher Seneca (allegedly) said, “luck is what happens when practice meets opportunity.” The book of Galatians in the Bible tells us we reap what we sow. Stephen King put it this way: “Talent is cheaper than table salt.

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As a writer, here are six things you should do to prepare for freelancing glory: 1 (work from home writing). Create a Writing Portfolio That Kicks Butt “Do you have writing samples?” “Can I see some of your freelance writing work?” “What are some high-quality articles you’ve written?” As a freelance writer, you’ll hear questions like these often.

At least, that should be your answer. But unfortunately, many freelancers skip the whole “prove you actually know how to write” thing. As Scott Weiland once sang, “let the proof be in the pudding, sugar.” Don’t simply tell prospective clients that you’re a talented freelance writer. And don’t assume they already know you’re the cat’s meow and the bee’s knees.

The good news? With hard work, anyone can improve their writing skills. And for the few who are willing to roll up their sleeves and do it, the payoff can be huge (work from home writing). This site is filled with helpful how-to articles on copywriting, content writing, writing contests, content marketing, article writing, and SEO writing.

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3. Ask for Testimonials Have you already landed a writing job or two? Awesome. Did you ask the client to give you a testimonial? A few words declaring their undying love and/or satisfaction with your work (that you can use to help you land more writing clients)? No? Well, you’re not alone.

Our own Jon Morrow says he’s only had a small handful of writers over the years ask him for a testimonial — even though he would’ve been perfectly happy to give one to them. So how should you ask for one? Keep it simple. Here’s how Karen Mac, Kenzie asked for a testimonial after we published her first post on Smart Blogger: “Would it be possible to get a testimonial for my website? I know you are really busy, but I’d really appreciate it.” And because Karen did such a good job on her post, I was happy to give her the following testimonial: Karen offers everything I look for in a freelance writer: Her work is excellent, she finishes on time (if not ahead of schedule), and her attention to detail is wonderful.

She calls to her butler, Jeeves, and asks him to bring one of her suitcases filled with money. Your article is so good, she wants to hire you. But then she gets to your byline — the one you threw together at the last minute. The one that lists your hobbies and has no clear call to action.

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Maybe they want to find you on social media so they can follow you. Or maybe they want your contact info so they can hire you. A byline should shout to the world your expertise. It should say to prospective clients, “if you thought this article was great, you should hire me and see what I can do for you.” Taking the time to craft a great one is time well spent.

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Know How to Write a Pitch Few people enjoy cold pitching to prospective clients. But you know what? The job seekers who are willing to do it have an edge. And the ones who are good at it — and I mean really freakin’ good at it — are never more than an email or two away from snagging a new writing job.